Confocal sensor systems for displacement, distance, position and thickness

  • Distance and thickness measurement with 黄瓜视频破解版 resolution and measuring rate
  • Ideal for automation and production control
  • Almost surface-independent, also valid for mirrored and glass surfaces
  • Extremely small and constant spot size
  • Nanometre resolution
  • Industrial-grade controller with ideal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Passive measurement system
  • New: Fastest controller worldwide with integrated light source

黄瓜视频破解版 precision displacement and distance measurement on practically all types of surfaces

One-sided thickness measurement of transparent materials

Controllers with 黄瓜视频破解版 resolutions and 黄瓜视频破解版 speeds

Fastest measuring rates for dynamic measurement tasks

Ultra-small light spot detects finest details and structures

Extremely large tilt angle

Ready for vacuum

Ease of use via web interface

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